Rod latch systems

VISION Outside System - Insulated -
For Double-Skinned Doors

Products marked with * are available on request only.

  • Latch point: Zinc die cast, zinc plated, special surface treatment or glass fiber reinforced polyamide (PA6GF30).
  • Flat rod: Steel, zinc plated or stainless steel (316).
  • Rollers in latch point: Brass, raw or nickel plated.
Rod Latch System VISION Outside - Insulated - For Double-Skinned Doors, 25-100 mm Thickness
P/N Standard P/N Highlander P/N Polyamide Description
131106-01 131406-01 135006-01 Latching point (door part + frame part)
13210600-XXXX-YY* 13900600-XXXX-YY* - Flat rod. XXXX and YY are in mm