Quarter-Turn L-Handle

Quarter-turn L-handle in locking or non-locking version. Housing for assembly with screws from inside. Open by turning handle clockwise or counter-clockwise (see table). Supplied with screw, two mounting screws and two keys. Protection degree IP54. Key extraction: Open / closed. * Master key system on request.
RH = Right hinged door. LH = Left hinged door.

  • Housing and handle: Zinc die-cast, chrome plated or black coated.
  • Cylinder: Zinc die-cast, stainless steel (304) cap and dust shutter.
  • Screws, cam and nut: Steel, zinc plated.
Quarter-Turn L-Handle (AAAAAA-B-HHLL)
AAAAAA Description - cylinder Surface treatment -BAssembly-HHLLCam size in mm
261376-00 Non-locking Chrome -0No cam-0000No cam
261376-04 Non-locking Chrome -1RH-HH45See page ref. above
261576-00 Non-locking Black -2LHH between 4 - 50 mm in increments of 2 mm
261576-04 Non-locking Black
261376-03 Keyed alike IL101 Chrome
261376-07 Keyed alike IL101 Chrome
261576-03 Keyed alike IL101 Black
261576-07 Keyed alike IL101 Black
261376-01 Keyed alike IL0333 Chrome
261376-05 Keyed alike IL0333 Chrome
261576-01 Keyed alike IL0333 Black
261576-05 Keyed alike IL0333 Black
261376-02 Keyed to differ * Chrome
261376-06 Keyed to differ * Chrome
261576-02 Keyed to differ * Black
261576-06 Keyed to differ * Black
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