Handle Combinations - KLIMA-FLEX 2 (K2)

A large supply of handle combinations are available - tool operated, key locking and non-locking, depending on your application.

The handle design is registered. System K2 (Klima-flex 2) for HVAC-applications is designed for extreme simplicity in mounting in your insulated (double skinned) door application. Handles may be used on either inside or outside of the door.

The inswing handle has a built-in adjustable roller cam that reduces the friction in the latching operation and increase the gasket compression. The cam is normally placed on the left side of the handle (as per drawing above) but may be moved to the other side.

Key extraction: Open / closed.

  • Handle: Glass fibre reinforced polyamide (PA6GF30), black.
  • Roller cam: Steel, glass fibre reinforced polyamide (PA6GF30).
  • Screw: Steel, zinc plated.

Keys: Page 2-370 and 2-372.

Latching units: Page 2-315c.

Products marked with * are key-locking and are supplied with two keys.
Contact us for K2-handles with the roller cam pre-mounted on the right hand side.

Note: Inside handle is only approved in combination with non-locking outside handle.

Red handles available on request.

Inside and outside handles - system KLIMA-FLEX 2
P/N Description Latching type P/N Description Latching type
2651-205000 With roller cam Non-locking 2651-205400 Without roller cam Non-locking
2651-205105 With roller cam Square 8 2651-205505 Without roller cam Square 8
2651-205114 With roller cam Triangle 7 2651-205514 Without roller cam Triangle 7
2651-205134 With roller cam Recessed hexagon 8 (5/16 inches) 2651-205534 Without roller cam Recessed hexagon 8 (5/16 inches)
2651-205280 With roller cam IL101 * 2651-205680 Without roller cam IL101 *
2651-205281 With roller cam IL0333 * 2651-205681 Without roller cam IL0333 *
2651-205290 With roller cam Keyed to differ * 2651-205690 Without roller cam Keyed to differ *
2651-225400 One-piece handle. Without roller cam Non-locking 2651-225700 One-piece handle. Without roller cam Pad-lockable