Stainless steel

Compression L-Handle - 18 mm

Compression L-handle. Close and tighten with a single continous half-turn motion. The first 90° turn moves the cam 90°, the second 90° turn retracts the cam 6 mm.

Two latch types are available:
A) Cam mounted at fixed position.
B) Cam mounted at an adjustable position.

Latch (B) offers an extended, threaded shaft which allows you to place the cam along its entire length, resulting in a long distance for adjusting. The cam is fixed with counter-nuts (included). Protection degree IP69K and classed as "Waterproof according to NEMA 4".

Both latch types are supplied without cams. These have to be ordered separately according to pages under "References" on this page.

  • T-handle, housing and counter nuts: Stainless steel (304).
  • Nut M22, internal components: Stainless steel (303).
Compression L-Handle - 18 mm
P/N Description Drawing
243087-600 Fixed A
243089-600 Adjustable B