Stainless steel

Quarter-Turn Latch for Hygienic Applications -

Quarter-turn latch manufactured to conform to hygiene requirements according to ISO 14159. Universal left and right mounting.

The latch is designed with smooth, curved surfaces, is corrosion resistant and is manufactured from non-absorbent materials to simplify cleaning and disinfecting. It may thus be used in clean room environments or applications in industries that process food, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, cosmetics and similar. Sealed to IP69K, also classed "Waterproof according to NEMA 4".

  • Housing and insert: According to choice (303 or 316).
  • Cam: According to choice (304 or 316).
  • Nut: Stainless steel (303).
  • Sealing: INDUPUR 95A, RAL 5002
  • Key: Zinc/steel, zinc plated.
  • Cams with projection: page 2-480
  • Key: P/N 291151
  • According to DIN EN ISO 14159.
  • According to EN 1672-2:2005
  • Sealing INDUPUR classified UL50E; FDA compliant.
  • Classified IP69K./ NEMA 4

Please note:
Cams may be chosen with H-measurement between H=04 mm and H=50 mm in increments of 2 mm (4, 6, 8, 10, 12...up to 50 mm).

Example how to order:
2029-901959-2845 is a latch for hygiene applications where the latch is made from acid-proof steel with a matching cam having a H-measurement of 28 mm and a standard length of 45 mm.

Quarter-Turn Latch for Hygienic Applications. Acid-proof. (AAAA-AAAAAA-HHLL)
2023-301353 Quarter-turn latch from stainless steel (303). -0000No cam
2029-901959 Quarter-turn latch from Acid-proof steel (316). -HH45Page 2-480
H between 4 - 50 mm in increments of 2 mm
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