Rod latch systems

VISION Swing Handle Ergonomic Line –
for 40 mm Profile Cylinder or Push Button

Low profile swing handle for 40 mm profile cylinder or equipped with push button. This swing handle can also be equipped with locking device for tool operated insert or round cylinder option found at page 1-209a/b that fits right into the geometry for the profile cylinder.

The profile cylinder or push button is located in the dish of the swing handle and provide a more ergonomic design when maneuvering the handle, compared to other swing handles in the market with locking components embedded in the handle itself.

This swing handle is used together with latching systems with control mechanism and flat rods.

Profile cylinder is covered under a sliding polyamide dust cover, which can be equipped with your logo upon request. Swing handle is equipped with PUR-gasket and o-rings to ensure IP65 / water proof according to NEMA 4. Handle is spring loaded and pops out when cylinder is unlocked or push button is pressed.

Example: PN 1530-24252-00 describes a handle with control mechanism, chrome plated "Double Bit 5" insert, sealed to IP65. It is suited for sheet metal with thickness 1,6 - 2,5 mm. Last two digits "-00" are added to all these handles.

  • Handle, dish, push-button and dust cover: Glass fibre reinforced Polyamide (PA6GR30), black.
  • O-rings: NBR.

MODEL WITH PROFILE CYLINDER: Turn-to-latch = The door is locked by turning the key.

Push-to-latch = Spring loaded cam latches when the handle is pushed in.

T = For door thickness: 0,8-3,5 mm.

Cut-out, version C: Page 1-001.01.

* Handle supplied without profile cylinder.

VISION Swing Handle Ergonomic Line (AAAA-BBCDE-FF)
AAAA-TypeBBInsert / cylinder
CSurface Treatment Insert
DIP Classification
EDoor Thickness
-FFSerial Number
1530-Handle for control mechanism01Square 60For cylinder and push-button versions5IP6510,8 - 1,5-00Standard Suffix
02Square 72Chrome Plated21,6 - 2,5
05Square 86Black powder coated32,6 - 3,5
07Square 8 / Slotted
11Square 8 / Recessed
14Triangle 7
15Triangle 8
16Triangle 10
22Double Bit 3
24Double Bit 5
29Slotted, Recessed
32Hexagon 11
34Recessed Hexagon 8
35Recessed Hexagon 10
36Recessed Hex 8 / 3 mm pin
80Keyed to Differ
81Keyed Alike IL101
82Keyed Alike IL0333
83Profile Cylinder *
90Push Button
CAD File