Surface mount Friction Hinge 50 x 50 mm –
180º Opening Angle

Friction hinge with pre-defined torque’s between 0,5 – 1,5 Nm. High quality friction inserts with increments of 0,25 Nm are embedded in the hinge for precise torque control. Load of the door is distributed over three hinge leaves regardless how its mounted. This, in combination with the high-end friction mechanism, provides smooth operating over long time. Panel preparation identical to surface mount hinges found at page 3-361.

  • Hinge parts: Zinc die cast, black texture powder coated.
  • Friction insert: Steel, zinc plated.
  • Hinge pins: Stainless steel (303).
Surface Mounted Friction Hinge 50 x 50 mm – 180º Opening Angle
P/N Description
3216-800504-050 Torque 0,50 Nm
3216-800504-075 Torque 0,75 Nm
3216-800504-100 Torque 1,0 Nm
3216-800504-125 Torque 1,25 Nm
3216-800504-150 Torque 1,50 Nm