All stainless steel Klima-flex 1 (K1) latching systems

These Klima-flex 1 (K1) systems provides a complete stainless steel latch and handle configuration. Handles and external exposed housing are always manufactured in acid-proof 316 material, available in non-locking or padlockable version. The latching units -S, -G40 and -M are available in stainless steel 303 or acid-proof 316.

The non-locking handle 269076-00 can be ordered separately and can be used with corrosion resistant (stainless steel 303 and polyamide) latching units on page 2-311d. Pad lockable acid-proof handle can only be ordered as a complete system according to P/N-structure 2690- on this page.

  • Handle, external housing and padlock loop: Acid-proof steel (316).
  • Latching units: Stainless steel (303) or acid-proof steel (316).
Stainless steel K1 System (Latch + handle) (AAAA-BB-CD-EEE)
AAAA- Handle material BB Type C Latching unit D Material latching unit -EEE Panel thickness
2690- SS316 Handle 00 Non-locking -S S 3 Stainless 303 -025 25 mm
60 Padlockable -G G40 9 Acid-proof 316-050 50 mm
-M M -075 75 mm
-100 100 mm
Acid-proof K1 handle only
P/N Description
269076-00 Non-locking K1 handle, acid-proof 316