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Strengths in Numbers

The Industrilas division iToolconcepts combines innovative thinking, cooperation and production resources with great experience.

In addition to our own tool-making shop we have a vast international network of talented and trustworthy suppliers who will manufacture tools for injection molding of plastics, die-casting in zinc as well as stamping tools.

Our deep knowledge and streamlined setup to means superior service and value for you. You benefit from short lead times and flexibility through our local tool shop in Sweden or the capacity for more substantial tool orders produced within our global network. Our R&D department, as well as our partners around the world, are at your disposal.

iToolconcepts is a partner who supports you all the way, from idea to manufactured product, with the needed infrastructure to support you through the entire process.

We bring a positive attitude to everything we do and we love solving problems. You can benefit from that!


Through the years we have helped a large number of companies in many different industries, both with design and manufacturing.

This has spawned projects for us to arrange all types of molding tools, ranging from the production of quarter-turn locks, deadbolts, bumpers, glove compartments, locks, equipment lockers, lids, bus and truck interiors, sports car locks, electromagnetic locks for robot cells, chicken holders, office chair parts, electrical switches, systems for balcony glass enclosures, handles, pressurized burglary protection systems, to LED matrixes for stadium jumbo screens. Just to name a few!

Window system

A company that manufactured aluminum frames needed to start mass production of 20 separate small plastic parts within four months. The first supplier of casting molds backed out and the company became worried about keeping their deadline. We took over responsibility for the project, arranged for 20 molds and started mass production within the four months required. Nobody had believed that this would have been possible.

LED Matrix

A large manufacturer of big-screen TVs for sports arenas needed a method for installing the light-emitting diodes, LEDs, in smaller, easily replaceable panels. We invented a method of mounting 300 LEDs on panels that could be replaced with one hand, which simplified service considerably. With our solution you could even replace the unit while holding on to a ladder with your other hand.

Lock for Ventilation Systems

The lock was developed for a customer to function in ventilation applications for all types of doors, with hinges on the left or the right side. The system had to be easy to install and be classified for IP65. The solution we developed was so efficient that the system now is considered the best in the world and has several intelligent features that make it a leader in our field.


For the last twenty years we've been manufacturing locks and their mechanisms out of all kinds of materials. We have a large international network of suppliers who quickly and economically can produce the special tools you need! Now you can use our knowledge. Safely, securely and at a good price.

Today our production plant has departments for die-casting, stamping and pressing, lathe work, cutting and milling, welding, other machine work and plastic injection molding. This means that we do most of our design, production and assembly at our plant in Nässjö, Sweden. In addition to this capability we work very closely with carefully selected and fine-tuned subcontractors and industry partners.

We can assist you with all kinds of molding tools for injection molding of plastics or die-casting in zinc. Our friendly people at the CAD-department are always happy to help you. We deliver quality tools according to European standards, in various sizes, from small to big, in small or large volumes. Even if you need a more complicated tool, or when time is running out, we will be of great help to you!

Our operations are audited and certified by TÜV-Nord according to EN ISO 9001:2000 and EN ISO 14001:2004.